• Length 31.5m80.01'
  • 12Guests
  • 6Cabins
  • 4Crew

Classic style gulet - unobtrusive luxury for 12 guests in 6 cabins.

About the Yacht

Libra's unobtrusive luxury keeps you focused on the main reason why your are there - to relax.

Gulet Libra is beautiful gulet with excellent service: most preferred by our clients because of beautiful and spacious mid area where lounge setting is placed. This mid area in addition to sun bathing area at the front and al fresco dining area on the aft makes Libra's outside deck space completely usable for the clients, there is no part on deck that is not approachable for relaxation and enjoyment, which is one of the main reasons for her outstanding charter accomplishments. Overall outside appearance of gulet Libra is very romantic and elegant, beautifully varnished wood radiates soothing atmosphere not just on board but also around it. Indeed, gulet Libra is one of the yachts that passengers enjoy to gaze upon. It is a yacht with a spirit.

Virtual tour

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  • M.M., AustraliaAug 31, 2016

    Hi Ivana

    We have just returned to Australia from our holidays in Europe and I wanted to pass on some feedback re cruise on gulet Libra.

    In a word it was fantastic!!

    Marko and the crew were great and we had such a good time.

    They worked hard to keep us happy and the food and wine was sensational (although I now have a couple of kilos of weight to lose)!

    Gulet Libra was very comfortable and weather was perfect.

    Cruising along the coast and seeing those old towns and beautiful islands was just what we had hoped for.

    Please pass along our thanks to the guys and we would be more than pleased to recommend them and your services to any who may ask.


    M.M., Australia

  • J.A, PortugalAug 3, 2016

    Dear Helena

    We are having a wonderful time on gulet Libra.
    Crew is very nice and helpful. They are always available, and very efficient. Crew has high service standards, and they are very professional.

    I wonder if you could help us determining an appropriate tip, at the end of our holidays. Are there any rules or practices that we shall adopt?

    Your advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance and kind regards

    J.A, Portugal