• Length 28m71.12'
  • 12Guests
  • 6Cabins
  • 4Crew

Distinguish exterior of Ardura originates from trabakul - Croatian traditional wooden sailing boat from the 15th century, used as merchant vessel. Elegant and comfortable interior, unique exterior, functional sails, accommodation for 12 guests in total 6 guest cabins (four of which with convertible double to twin beds) and 4 dedicated crew members - these are main characteristics of Ardura, newly built luxury charter yacht for private sailing holidays.

About the Yacht

Croatian wooden vessels, naval and merchant, large and small, have through the history defended Croatian coast and passed goods all around the world sailed by their fearless captains. Wooden boat today in Croatia is considered as a national cultural heritage, treasured remainder of national history and at the same time, with modern technological upgrades, it provides status of nautical aristocracy.

Wish to preserve national maritime history and to present it to their guests and an idea to prove that within the lines of Croatian traditional wooden boat luxury and comfort can be provided on board while maintaining boat’s main characteristic:proper sailing ability – all this has driven two nautical engineers to bring Ardura to life.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you a project and investment, but mainly an evidence - proof, an idea, a dream; Ardura (sea shimmer or sea glow)

Ardura is built in lines of Croatian authentic wooden boat called trabakul. Once the mainstay of coastal shipping, this wooden freight ship dates to the 15th century when it was used as a Dalmatian-Venetian merchant vessel, taking its name from ‘trabacca’ or tent, after the boat’s sails. Slow, reliable, and made of oak and larch, they had round bows and sterns, and were wide, compact and with good stowage.Ranging between 50 to 200 tons a typical trabakul was 20 meters long, had two masts with lug-sails and rigging, a bowsprit, and large rudder extended below the depth of the keel. Trabakul had carved and colorfully painted stern, a breadth equal to about a third of the length and a crew of 10-20 ‘trabaccolos’.

The idea of her owners and creators is to offer their guests unique possibility to experience Croatian coast surrounded by Croatian history and hospitality as much as possible.

Ardura provides accommodation for up to 12 guests in 2 double and 4 convertible en-suite cabins.All cabins are located in separated area on lower deck, taking the center area of the hull: all cabins are about the same size, with en-suite bathrooms. Bow and stern area on lower deck are designated for crew quarters and galley.

The interior decoration of the cabins is very elegant and non-obtrusive; chosen to create calming and relaxing vibe. Stepping up from any of the guests’ cabins we’ll enter to salon; 25 m2 of bright interior space situated on the main deck, comprising lounge area with the bar, inside dining area and steering place.

Let’s step out from the salon to the bow where al fresco dining area and a cushioned part behind it are simply imposing relaxed atmosphere. The area is covered (shaded) by upper deck construction.Still, if you are up for more dedicated rest on a sun mattress – please enjoy one of those in the front area. Even if front deck is your choice only for sunset cocktails, or perhaps for morning coffee – you will enjoy both of these at the lounge area comprising sofa and tables.

Beautiful and unique trabakul Ardura offers to her guests a wide range of entertainment as she is well supplied with water sports equipment.

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